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Domain Conveyancing

Tristan Lowe
Domain Conveyancing | Est. in 2006


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About Us

Domain Conveyancing Director, Tristan, has been in Dubai since 2006 when the United Arab Emirates first started looking at opening up the Real Estate market to foreign investors. With an influx of property buyers from overseas, it became apparent that conveyancing and title transfer paperwork needed to be taken off the Real Estates that were selling the property and handled by a professional firm that would look after the interests of the buyer and create no conflict of interest in its transactions. Tristan was indeed the first conveyancer to ever practice in this market and helped the Government to shape the current landscape of property buying and selling in Dubai. He has worked closely with all Government departments on processes and procedures to make property sales and title exchange a smooth and unbiased transaction. Now partnered with Maz Haddad from Australia, the International influence is a positive lift to what was an already thriving Business. Maz has come to the UAE with an extensive background in Business. From Humble beginnings, he has built many a business from the ground up and has now invested his time, energy and resources into this market. With Tristan also coming to Dubai after working Internationally in Australia he and his firm have an International grounding that you won’t find anywhere else. With thousands of successful professional transactions over the years, Tristan and his team know every mandate that exists in Dubai and the greater United Arab Emirates banking system inside and out. As an Independent Conveyancing company, we can handle your next property with professionalism, and confidence. We are built on knowledge, trust and a desire to make Dubai the place to be.


Included in our Conveyance process is contract drafting, management of third parties’ banks, agents and developer, drafting of settlement statements, holding of deposits, general guidance throughout the entire process.
Working Hours:
Sunday - Thursday 08:00AM - 06:00PM


Escrow Services

We offer Escrow Services for property transactions.

Company Setup

Company set up in all free-zones and Dubai Economic Department


The drawing of title deeds concerning the transfer of property, Reviewing the property transaction Holding monies and documents in Escrow Dealing with the regulatory requirements Managing the bank or finance providers Giving you timely, accurate feedback Calculating your "Settlement Statement" Ensuring pre-transfer tasks are complete Handling title registration and transfer

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney services for buyer and seller.

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