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About Us

Hashim Darwish Ibrahim Landscaping is the leading landscaping company in United Arab Emirates. We provide state of art services in consulting, planning, constructing, repair and maintenance of your landscape, interior decor and swimming pools. Our motto is to give our clients 100% customer satisfaction and to provide services of highest quality. We have dedicated, hardworking and very professional architects whose have many years of experience in the region. Human environment and personal choices form a very important part of once life and happiness. Therefore, our staff put utmost effort in planning what the clients need and keep them involved at all stages. We use highest standards of methodologies in the form of technology and project management and provide aesthetic and innovative solutions for our clients.
Working Hours:
Saturday - Thursday 08:00AM - 06:00PM


Bathroom & Kitchen

Bathroom and kitchen are important part of ones household. We are highly regarded in providing world class designs, materials and implementation for the same.


Lighting works include internal or external, chandeliers, sconces, wall mount or hanging etc. It is important to match these choices with the indoor or outdoor environment. We also provide maintenance and repair.


Landscaping includes a wide spectrum of activities from gardening to terrains and water bodies. Our architects do a thorough study of what is exciting, what is required by the client and come up with the best plan to suit the needs. Our goals is to bring to reality and even exceed our clients expectations.

Swimming Pools

We cater to all activities related to swimming pools. It various from the designing and construction of the pools to its maintenance. Pool pump system, safety, periodic cleaning and quality of water are very important part of maintenance of the swimming pool.

Ratings and Reviews

  • Cecilia Reinaldo
    01/05/2019 2:09 PM
    Pool and Garden Maintenance
    I have just signed up with Shahid for my home and very pleased with the way the Gardner is taking care of our house. good job
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