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How to shoot real estate photos like a pro

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How to shoot real estate photos like a pro

How to shoot real estate photos like a pro

Prepare Every Room You Plan to Shoot

Invest in a wide angle camera lens to emphasize space and create a sense of depth.

Tip #1: Always use a wide angle camera lens to capture the full essence of a space. This allows for a wider shot which gives a true sense of both depth and detail.

Tip #2: HDR photography allows you to stand out from the crowd. HDR takes several exposures of the same photo and combines them giving you professional photographs that look rich and full of dynamic shades. When potential buyers are looking at photos online, HDR leaves a memorable note due to its unique a polished look. Check out the difference in the example below:

Analyze Great Real Estate Photographs to See Why They Work

One of the best ways to learn how to master real estate photography is to analyze great pictures to see why they work. Over on Placester’s Real Estate Academy, they have an excellent write up on what to look for when assessing great real estate photos. They walk you through dozens of examples and explain why they work, and strategies to get similar results in your own photos

Hire a professional photography service.

[Don’t] scrimp on the cost of a highly experienced real estate photographer in the field.Having professionally-taken photos is truly the key to marketing and selling the home. 

What do you avoid?

Anything that doesn’t look great. The “railing and up” porch shot is one example. You wouldn’t believe how many people have really dirty porches.

What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when taking photos indoors?

Again, it comes back to light. Maximize the natural light you have. Open a window if you can. Sometimes you need flash to do it. You can also set up a small light in a closet or corner to give you some additional lighting.

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