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Why You Should Buy a Property Directly from a Developer

Why You Should Buy a Property Directly from a Developer

Why You Should Buy a Property Directly from a Developer

Buying a home is what most people at one point in their lives would often do. This is regardless of whether such purchases are for investment or personal reasons. When the time finally comes to buy, the buyer either choose to buy the property through an agent, directly from the owner in the case of pre-owned properties, or directly from the developer. Of the three, the latter seems the best option; not only for Dubai real estate purchase but most likely in everywhere. When you want to buy a new property, here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying directly from a developer;

Cost-effective transactions

Buying from a property developer guarantees cost-effectiveness to a reasonable extent. In terms of cost, the advantages here are so many. If you’re an investor wanting to buy in bulk, there’s a possibility that the developer may offer bulk discount. This could be anywhere from 5% to 10%.  Also, most developers would often offer low introductory prices when the construction is still in the development phase. Buyers during this time may get as much as 30% off the sales price in some cases. These gestures are aimed at enticing buyers and investors. 

Aside from the two scenarios above, brand new properties from developers usually carry a warranty so developers are often responsible for maintenance and possible repairs in the first few years. In their quest to get more buyers and investors, developers at times can even add free appliances to entice prospects. This is not forgetting that you would not have to pay real estate commissions which most times are responsible for the expensive closing costs when you buy through an agent. 

No middleman, less hassles

Buying through a real estate agent could be particularly troubling in most cases. The agent often acts as the middleman between both parties and this often constitutes a problem. Messages have to pass through realtors before the reaching the selling party and a whole lot can happen within the gaps. It’s no denying the fact that a real estate agent can help people find their way but it’s also important to remember that agents would also want to protect their own interests (commission) when they have to help buyers make decisions. 

With developers, buyers are more likely to get unbiased opinions since there would usually be no hidden interest aside from the sale of the property. There would also be no middleman, communication would be smooth, information will be relayed quickly. The waiting period before you get a response would be considerably shorter, and everything will be significantly easier.

Customizing brand new homes is easier

When you buy directly from a developer, you would be getting a brand new property and you won’t have to deal with renovations, repairs, or constant maintenance needs for old and outdated appliances. Additionally, it would be easier to customize your new property to look exactly like the home of your dreams. This is even more possible when the property is still in development. Buyers at this time can still make inputs as regards the layout, their favorite locations, fixtures, and appliances, etc.

 With a developer, there is only one point of contact. There is unfettered access to information and there is the cost-saving aspect minus the challenges of a middleman. How then can you connect to a developer for your next property purchase? is the best place to connect with developers and sellers directly without having to go through a middleman. Not only will this save you more in terms of cost, joining the platform will also mean fewer hassles for you!


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